Trends to Follow This Holi – You Shouldn’t Miss!

Holi Hai - Sowing Happiness

Holi is the festival of colours and happiness. Playing with colours gives a true sense of freedom and joy. It’s one of the top festivals celebrated by the majority of India and every year it stains the paint of good memories in the mind of people. No matter what age you are, you become a kid again on this auspicious day. 

People experiment a lot while they celebrate Holi every year- Be it new water guns, wearing different and trendy clothes, playing pranks on your friends differently, etc. Below are the top trends that you can follow on the day of Holi this season:- 

Serve Thandaai In Amazing Cups To Impress People!

Let’s accept it that having thandaai or bhang in steel classes is not fun anymore. It’s time to change your same boring ritual and give rest to your steel glasses for a while. Make people’s stay worth and serve them the beverages in the most special mugs that are colourful and unique. Buy mugs that are full of colours and give a vibe of Holi altogether. 

As there is a lot of water there will be more chances of you to drop your mugs here and there. Buy the ones that have a big handle so that you can have a good grip while enjoying to the fullest. 

Wear White T-Shirts With Boot Cut Pants.

You must have seen celebrities wearing white clothes as a fashion statement on the day of Holi. Even you can dress like them wearing funky prints on a white t-shirt. White t-shirt goes with everything but if you want to have fun and make a style statement then you can wear t-shirts with flared and bootcut pants too. 

You can click an amazing vibrant picture after playing Holi as gulaal will look the best on your white clothes than anything else. You can buy these kinds of t-shirts on Sowing Happiness 

Wear White Shirt with Boot - Holi - Sowing Happiness

Stuff Your Guest’s Mouth With Likable Desserts….

Chocolates are not just for kids to have. You can give a lot of twists to your sweets with using chocolate, vanilla extracts. Sweets are tasty but they are full of butter which some health-conscious people will not like. People are concerned a lot about their health nowadays.

You can use dark chocolate in order to make delicious and rich desserts. Believe me, people will come with a full determination to your house even next Holi. For interesting recipes, you can check out 

Holi Deserts - Holi - Sowing Happiness

Last But Not The LEAST!

You can never really celebrate anything which is causing a lot of harm to something. Playing with chemical colours will not only ruin your skin but environment too. Make eyes safe this Holi with painting your loved ones with pure gulaal. Your choices can bring a change to the environment so do your bit and motivate others to do the same. 

You also have to think about stray animals, they can have allergies because of someone else’s fun. After all, saving the environment and thus animals can never go out of trend! I repeat never!

Holi Colours - Holi - Sowing Happiness

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