Top 7 Smartphone Brands in India – You Can’t Miss to See!

Top 7 Smartphone Brand

You need to figure out your preferences and priorities before getting hold of the best mobile set. If you do, you will have the perfect one for yourself. These priorities include gaming, memory, Android or iOS, battery, price, and many more! Before buying a new mobile phone aka “smart” phone, take on a ride to explore the big and worst of the list.

As we all know, newer and newer mobile models are being launched every week, every day, and we are always confused about which one to buy. When after so many ifs and buts, researches and ideas getting on your head, you finally sort out and decide your “dream” smartphone, you see another mobile brand launching another smartphone model!

You get into a serious depression in this way and now you are super confused and even more than you were earlier! So to decide upon this second confusion may be choosing the manufacturer will make you finalize your perfect mobile phone. As they say, a good brand will fetch you a better piece. Hence, why not choose the best brand?

Below are the top smartphones which are available in India-



We all have been crushing about this brand their models since our teenage. This American multinational technology was set up by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne in 1976. It is one of the most expensive brands that have come in the market. What makes it so expensive and popular is that it does not compromise with quality and efficiency. The latest addition to the iPhone series is iPhone XR. The makers have promised to launch newer models in the form of iPhone 11, etc.



This is a new pal in town but not the shy one. The OnePlus mobile phones have been shaking the smartphone industry with a storm since its very first edition. It was established in 2013 and is one of the most sought after mobile phone brands in India after Apple.

The latest model launched under the brand is the OnePlus 7 Pro, launched at a whopping Rs. 32900. The basic idea behind the phone is speed and more speed. The logo itself says it- “Go Beyond Speed”.



This is the global market leader, dealing in android phones. Samsung provides its brand models in nearly every price range. The body styles are way too stylish and you could get the best style statement on the brand model list.



Founded by 2010 by the entrepreneur Lei Jun, the brand Xiaomi was set up on the idea of “innovation for everyone”. Now why this company has become so much popular is because it serves the mid-range budget price seeking population. Especially for the student population, the Xiaomi brand has timely launched mobile phones which fit their budget easily.


motorola phone

This company is based in Chicago and founded in 2011. Currently owned by Lenovo, Motorola is also known for its efficient smartphones. Their models are super easy and neat when used. The highlight of their mobile phones is that it uses turbocharging so you need not worry about charging it.



This brand name is a common one to be seen in each and every household today. Since Oppo is known as the “selfie expert” most of the Indian households like to own them. They are creating a revolution in photo capturing, and to be precise in selfie capturing. The beautification tools have boosted the consumer base of Oppo.



Vivo was established in the year 2009. The brand is somewhat similar to Oppo, especially when it comes to selfie and photography. Their model designs and style are also attractive and that makes them popular among the Indian market.

These were the best smartphone brands available in India, but one thing which you need to keep in mind before and during buying them is its protection. No matter how expensive and efficient your smartphone is, you need to find it good protection. And this safety measure comes in the form of a good mobile cover.

Be it any mobile model, any brand, you got to get the best phone case for it so that it can remain protected from nearly every damage that it could come across.

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