Top 7 Most Trending Mobile Cover Designs in 2019

Mobile Cover Designs

Right at this moment if you notice, the one of the things placed beside you would be your phone. It’s an inevitable phenomenon that now no one can escape. This tech-savvy generation is very co-dependent on this life-changing gadget. The smartphone has a hold on our lives like a leash on a dog. The point of this discussion is that smartphones have become such an important part of our lives and our duty towards it would be to let it be a long-lasting one before we’d have to invest again in a new product.

To prevent that from happening we have the option to go for protective cases. Now, these need to be bought with the intention of providing a shield to our phones but should that be the only agenda while looking for one? No. We always have the phone in our hands most of the time being exposed to the world to look at and wonder what kind of phone you carry. The designer back cases do the job of enhancing the complete look of a phone.

Designer cases are not a new product category. But many people wonder why there is a need for it to be a designer one. To make your phone stand out with style that is. Check out some designs for mobile covers online at Sowing Happiness store to find what might click with you on an emotional level. Be it a funny quote or vintage and artistic graphic designs, it will be your call and this website caters to the customer’s needs. Some of the designs are mentioned for you to choose and get an idea of.

Pure Denim Pattern - Sowing Happiness

Pure Denim Pattern Mobile Cover

Denim has always been the coolest looking fabric. It always held a special place within the fashion industry. The grunge impression that it gives out has never looked bad on anyone. We tried putting it as a phone cover and voila, even the phone can pull this grunge look totally

Chip Inside 

Chip Inside Mobile Cover

This graphic design is inspired by the appearance of the computer’s motherboard when it is exposed. Looking like an intricate compilation of chips and hard drives, this designer mobile cover comes in the shades of blue which is distributed unevenly.

Shivaay Tandav Lord Shiva Designer

Shivaay Tandav Lord Shiva Designer Mobile Cover

Mahadev Shiv is a god of destruction and creation both at the same time and has a multitude of followers. His tandav is said to be the divine dance performed by him which either depicts the source of the cycle of creation or even death itself. Having this image printed as your mobile cover could be the source of strength for many. God is omnipresent but also available on the back of your phone to give you good vibes of tenacity.

Camouflage Pattern Designer

Camouflage Pattern Designer Mobile Cover

Were you always mesmerized by the uniform color theme of the army officers? This universal camouflage pattern has been part of the style statement always. Be it on clothes or even bags, this is a popular design pattern. The mobile cover category would not back out either. It would make your phone look exclusive like how the combat army officers look while training.

Glowing Lantern

Glowing Lantern Mobile Cover

A lantern always becomes the source of light in times of desperate measures. The idea of a lantern also signifies peace and warmth in the darkest times. This design consists of a grayscale backdrop of what looks like the outside of a barn’s parapet with a lantern kept on it. But the light emitting from the lantern has its original color which in return is highlighted with the contrast background. An elegant looking mobile phone case for all the elegant people out there.

Teddy For You

Teddy For You Mobile Cover

An adorable render of a real photo where a cute teddy has been placed with other things on a piece of log to make it look photogenic behind which is a blurred background of what seems to be a beautiful forest. This is a very lovable phone case which adds to the aesthetics of your phone up a notch.

oil canvas

Oil Canvas Mobile Cover

Art has always spoken its language by bewitching its watchers visually. Abstract designs are what an inaccurate depiction of colors, forms, and shapes look like. And oil paintings do the same job of creating a great backdrop. Imagine that beautiful blend of colors on the back of your phone, enhancing the phone’s appearance even more.

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