Top 5 Mobile Phone Case Suppliers in India

Mobile Phone Case

What is that one thing that is the dearest to us and we would like to keep it with us, if possible for the rest of our lives? Smartphones. They offer us with so many opportunities to socialize. Seems like many people get married through it too, by matrimonial apps. But all those apps are on your phone. We hold a responsibility to help it survive this cruel world of atrocities and accidents. We do this with the help of a mobile phone case. Mobile phone cases or covers increase the longevity of the phone by 80 %.

These days most of the smartphones are built in a manner to withhold harsh environment. Nevertheless, you still cannot go around being overconfident about the carelessness. So the safest option is to safeguard your phone to prevent further damages. These are some situations that could occur if you have been living life without a mobile phone case

1. Due to accidental fall of phones

2. Dust and dirt could clog your phones internally

3. Scratches that inevitably happens to an exposed phone which deteriorates the look of the phone

4. Often getting a good grip to the phone is difficult as the phone’s surface is always smooth and of glass, so all the more reason for it slipping from your hand.

When it comes to the term shopping, gone are the days to physically be present for your choice to eventually be influenced by the seller to end up making the marketing team happy. Now stand by your choice and browse through the beauty of technology that has provided us with online shopping which we can enjoy with ease.

Now that this blog has almost convinced you to at least ponder about the fact that your phone needs immediate protection after the purchase of it, let’s discuss the top mobile phone case suppliers of India for online shopping are the following.



The variety of smartphone cases available here, almost makes it difficult for a person to select the most suitable one. An American multinational technology company which has almost all categories of products also includes other brands and makes it available on one website. Might be confusing and time-consuming to browse on it for a particular mobile phone case but you will get it. The price range starts from Rs 50 and so depending on the phone model and discount available and also the type of back cover you are looking for.



This is also one of the biggest online shopping stores for various products. They have phone covers for all types of phones, and they have both plain cases and covers and designer cases and covers, whichever belongs to your taste. You can even compare two or more models in terms of features and price. The price range starts from Rs 60 and so depending on the phone model and discount available and also the type of cover you are looking for


BEWAKOOFThis website has come up with many contemporary designs for many products. Its been running for 7 years and as a result, has to be mentioned in the top 5. They have a versatile range of mobile phone covers for phones from Xiaomi, Oneplus, Apple, Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, Nokia, and Realme. They have all types of covers like plain colored ones to printed collage with quotes ones.

The price range starts from Rs 140 and so depending on the phone model and discount available.

Sowing Happiness


This is a fresh face out of the top 5 that are being mentioned here. Fresh would mean trendy, latest, avant-garde and futuristic. Sowing happiness has many products like sweatshirts, t-shirts, mugs, mobile phone case covers and so. But it specializes with designer polycarbonate mobile phone covers of quote designs, funny images, cute images, famous captions from the entertainment industries, or just relatable slogans.

Whatever floats your boat; you may choose out of these options. As they specialize in polycarbonate mobile covers, the strength in question has been answered as polycarbonate is the optimum choice of material for phone covers. The price range starts from Rs 250 and so depending on the phone model and discount available.



This is the largest website dedicated to mobile covers only in India. They believe a style statement portrayed through the cover of your phone. Hence they concentrate on designing with optimum choices that the customers want. They have many theme-based mobile covers, but none plain ones.

As this website solely sells mobile covers has the most potential for being the best one. Yet it totally depends on the customer’s needs and preferences. The price doesn’t range and every product on this website is for Rs 400 depending on the discount available

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