Top 10 T-Shirt Designs For Women in 2019

Top 10 T-Shirt Designs For Women

In these times of ongoing trends where everyone wants to stay updated for everything, the clothing industry is not backing out either. Our news and gossip provider is our precious mobile phones. Be it news about an event or a celebrity rocking a hip t-shirt jeans look, we want to be caught up with every trending event. Inevitably following a trend has become a question of honor, especially and majorly for the youth.

So when talking about the trending clothing category, t-shirts for women these days are getting all the attention. Plausibly, t-shirts in general, are the most purchased group of clothing, be it designer t-shirts for men or designer t-shirts for women. The number of ways to go about with styling a t-shirt is numerous. But it all comes down to which type of designer t-shirt you are going for. The most popular are the quoted designer t-shirts. If you’ve got something to say, express it through your t-shirts girls!

These quoted designer t-shirts have been part of the style statement for quite a while now. So here goes a list of the now trending t-shirt designs for women you could opt for:


Netflix Nutella and naps T-shirt

Are you one of those binge-watchers of Netflix? But along with that sometimes you’re also addicted to that chocolate hazelnut spread which also makes you snooze off on the couch. This t-shirt design for girls is the one for you. And when in the crowd you might find someone else wearing it too, you’ve found your soul sister.


Thodi Crazy Thodi Lazy T-shirt

There are so many aspects to a single personality. Some traits are even contradicting but are still present in the same person. Wear this designer t-shirt if one of those cause lazy people can be hell crazy and fun if they wanted to. This t-shirt would break that assumption of lazy and boring.


Out of Your League T-shirt

Girls, it’s time for you to not say it and let the guys get the idea of the league they should be aiming for. This design is for the guys in reality, to understand that just because she lends you a smile doesn’t signal anything other than that. Rock your confident independence through this designer t-shirt for girls with a pair of whatever your heart says to go with


Straight Outta Money T-shirt

Those times when you’ve spent all your allowance or salary on your feel-good makeup products and junk jewelry and other guilt prone stuff, you  just know it’s the usual routine that goes about right after the salary has been credited to your account. If you relate to this situation on the deepest level, this t-shirt speaks for you. Wear this while hanging out with peers and they just might pay for your dinner.


Netflix is my Bae T-shirt

Yes, another NetFlix design for you to flaunt your leisure time activity to the people around you. Not only your love interests can be called bae, but even materialistic desire can be bae. So Netflix and chilling is bae and you can pull off this t-shirt design in all informal or even official events if you can get creative.


It’s the era of women empowerment and slowly every girl is understanding her rights in the society and making good use of it. Its stree shakti time girls and wear that on your chest with pride with this t-shirt design for women. Heck, even guys can support this by wearing one for their size, it’s a free country.


Smile Please T-shirt

A happy, gleeful and radiant smile can make the other person smile. Smiles are contagious and for the rightful reasons. When a person  is having the worst day, and they have been greeted with a smile by a stranger, it might be the highlight of their day. Sport this t-shirt design and help remind the world that they need to smile once in a while in these fast-paced times.


Ek Ladki Sabpe Bhaari T-shirt

Being confident in your skin is a luxurious feeling which is not everyone’s situation. But the idea is to be confident because loving yourself is the greatest form of love you could express. Hence it would give you the benefit being the first one putting your foot forward when the situation demands. Especially when the society is being heavy on a woman’s shoulders, that one woman can become a bulldozer on the society. This trendy t-shirt design concept is for those confident women out there.


Sanskari Nari T-shirt

Would sanskari mean what the society demands of a woman or should it mean what the woman believes in? To stand up for the right cause and against the wrong one takes courage. When respecting both elders and younger ones it should be earned not demanded ; by being non-gender biased are some factors when describing a sanskari nari. Wear this t-shirt if you believe and do what is right as a woman.


Punjab Di Kudi T-shirt

The kudis of Punjab, this t-shirt is a callout for you. Wear that pride of being a Punjabi and let the world know of your rich heritage. This t-shirt would be the pure definition of your personality. Being a Punjabi has almost become a personality describing adjective, so go for this design t-shirt to rock that Punjab di kudi vibe.


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