Top 10 Stylish Mobile Covers Online Shopping in India

Stylish Mobile Covers

In this technology-driven life, we have become codependent on the many commodities that the industry keeps feeding us with. Many of these gadgets have become a necessity and an integral part of our lives. One such product is the smartphone. Smartphones or mobile phones have revolutionized this era and molded our lives in such a way that we revolve around it as the earth does sun. That is the extent of relevance we give to this small gadget.

The phone brands and companies have had a blast launching newer and revised models of phones every year. They do what the public demands and it’s a never-ending cycle. So we end up purchasing our favorite product and we spend a huge amount out of our pockets. Considering how much importance we give to the phone, we need to do something for its longevity and durability. That can be done through the help of mobile covers.

Mobile back covers protect your phone from harm and decrease the impact of the damage. These covers keep the phone from having direct contact with dirt and water and increase the grip quotient aspect of the phone. Hence the next purchase should be a phone back case. There are some really stylish mobile back cases online at Sowing Happiness shopping website which provide your phone with protection and  also enhance the look of your phone based on your preference. Here goes a list of cool and stylish covers you could go for:


Mor Pankh in Blue Krishna

Our charismatic Lord Krishna’s famous and beloved peacock feather on the back of your phone would immediately enhance the look of the phone. It would be like carrying good luck around.


Blue & Beige Leather Redmi Y1 Lite


Combination of blue and beige which is divided by a streak of a silver-white band would make your phone look fancy and high end. These cool colors would bring out the classy side in you.


Attitude in Smiley

You carry the sweet and delightful smile or there is some mischief hidden somewhere in that smile? Then this phone case highlights that trait of personality. With just a funky emoticon of a mischievous smile printed on the mobile phone case, is enough to funk up the look of your phone


I See You Design K20 PRO

How about a beautiful graphic design consisting of an adorable kid peeking through a lantern looking for that light of hope? Printed with a backdrop of something which seems like a sunset, at a beach for a soothing effect, this innocent and cute back cover is an adorable adds on to the phone’s look.


Classy Colorful Puzzle

Visual satisfaction which we get after solving the jigsaw puzzle is addictive. The assembly of the oddly shaped interlocking and tessellating tiles with a color theme like shades of purple and black popping out will make the phone’s look unique. There’s a certain symmetry to it which eases the onlooker’s visual.



You always felt like a princess? Princess meaning the most precious person to your dad? Then this Daddy’s Girl designer phone case is for you. Having a doting dad is a privilege to be flaunted to your friends with the help of this case. if you’re daddy’s girl you would go for this case.


Colorful Dream Within

In dream catchers and their purpose? Have the chance to carry it as a beautiful mobile back cover! This case consists of a mesmerizing galaxy backdrop and a watchful owl sitting on the ridge of the dream catcher. This designer phone case is a very good-looking back cover for your phone.


Work For Dream ONEPLUS7PRO

Dreams are meant to be seen but it is time to work out that dream. This is a motivational mobile back case design  for lighting up your day. With a soothing pretty background and the inspiring quote, it is a very helpful design to carry on your day.


The Ultimate Girly Pattern

Flowers graphically designed to make the phone look pretty and alluring is the designer phone case for girls. An attractive looking phone case cover to carry around with pride and joy is one of the must-haves for girls.


Always Deer Potter Fans

“Out of the end of his wand burst, not a shapeless cloud of mist, but a blinding, dazzling, silver animal.” This is a shoutout for all the Potter fans out there. One of the unforgettable scenes of the Harry Potter franchise was the Patronus Charm scene where you see a mesmerizing silver stag, glowing amid the thick dark forest. Having this design as your mobile phone case would with no doubt enhance the complete look of your phone.

At Sowing Happiness we prioritize the preferences and need of the customer and revert with optimum quality mobile back cases. These are all available online for you to be a click away from buying it with ease and satisfaction.

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