Stylish Realme 2 Pro Case @ Rs. 249 to Complement your Phone

If you are buying Realme 2 Pro, you must be excited to accessorize it. It’s fun to experiment with your choices often. People have a preconceived design of phone covers. When people come in touch with trendy phone covers, they surprise themselves with their choices.

We want people to have a connection to their phone covers. Therefore we have come up with relatable Realme 2 Pro  phone covers. Made from the supreme quality polycarbonate, these phone covers are highly safe for your phone. Safety comes hand in hand with protection from dust and water too. To save your phone from such pollutants our phone covers are always available on the website.

People always look for phone covers under a budget. A budget is affordable when it is as small as Rs.249 for each phone case. When you go to the offline market there is always a tight budget. As shopkeepers are reluctant to make any changes in the prices, the customer has no choice.

The choices of phone covers we present are very different in their approach. The quotient of price with its design is just perfect on our website. To make your phone cover run for a long span, the paint used remains intact as it is for years. One relies on something when they find that thing useful for a long span. People will not be able to stop themselves from buying Realme 2 Pro cases from us. Our regular customers are proof of our consistency. Below are some phone cases that people would love and prefer.

Shoot you Realme 2 pro case

Shoot you Realme 2 Pro Case

In this phone cover, a girl is holding a camera like she is capturing you herself. We all are quite skeptical of where to look while our photos are clicked. Owning this phone cover you can look directly into a camera to have the best shots. One cool part is the hair of the girl which adds color and beautify the phone cover more. Grab the phone cover if you like to be different and experimental.

Cricket Realme 2 Pro back cover

Cricket Realme 2 Pro Back Cover 

When you look at the photo of “the God of cricket” all your nostalgia falls into place. With the black dreamy background and Sachin rising his hand after winning it gives a sense of pride. Proud of being Indian and have been born in such a decade where such players ever existed. The phone cover is for all such people who want to dedicate their respect for the cricketer. The color of our cricket t-shirt makes it everlasting and never boring.

Alone Realme 2 pro case

Alone Realme 2 Pro Case

A girl sitting on a swing gives a sense of freedom. The combination of black, white, grey and blue never looked more good on any phone cover than this. The girl alone depicts the strength within her but not the loneliness. In a world where someone needs someone, being alone is liberation for some people. The phone cover depicts exactly that. Own this Realme 2 Pro phone cover just for Rs. 249.

Umbrella Realme 2 Pro cover

Umbrella Realme 2 Pro Cover

The girl is holding a flower as an umbrella on this phone cover. It gives a positive effect of watering a flower with the raindrops. The cute girl adds to the uniqueness of the phone cover as she is different from the theme. Her clothes are white and the rest of the color is shades of pink. People who like simple things will surely love this Realme 2 Pro cover.

Joker Realme 2 pro case

Joker Realme 2 Pro Case

Who doesn’t like the character of joker in all its franchises? Most of us love joker’s darkness and his vulnerability coming from his past. To all the people who really want to stand out should buy the phone cover. Filled with suspense and joker staring right at you, this cover is an adventure to carry.

Gym Realme 2 Pro phone cover

Gym Realme 2 Pro Phone Cover

You can be sore today or sorry tomorrow – flaunting this quote on the cover defines an awareness. The body pain is hurting you today but one will surely embrace it one day. The message is to motivate yourself for your body and maintaining body leads to peace of mind.

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