Samsung A7 2018: The First Triple Camera Phone

Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 Mobile Cover Design

What’s new?

What is fresh in the market is the newness that has lightened the hearts of mobile enthusiasts is the new camera exemplification in Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 which comes with triple camera slacked along with a LED flash. The phone has become an epitome of the trend that puts in more cameras to make it a different attempt for all the brands in the market.

More on the model?

We get a 24MP back camera with 5MP depth sensor and 8MP ultra wide sensor. The camera shoots excellent images in light and consumed minimum visible noise in dark. Because of the ultra-wide facility, we get a 120-degree field of view. The phone elucidates a brilliant glass body which makes it even more ravishing in hands.

The phone has a 6-inch AMOLED display and 2220×1080 resolutions of pixels. For a midway setting, Samsung Galaxy A7 has an affordable price and is a good purchase indeed. Combined with a 4 GB RAM, the phone works smoothly in a day to day tasks and routines and even play PUBG in a medium without any issues which really glitters.

More questions!!!

When the phone comes with an utmost beautiful metal body, the next job of the user should be to get involved in the fact that is the protection to the phone. According to the views of some of the users, it has been reflected that the edges are quite sensitive of the phone and it automatically calls for a  purchase of a good and worthy partner to your Samsung galaxy A7 2018 but the main part of interrogation is from where?

Sowing Happiness Samsung A7 2018 Back Cover Collections

The good always comes with a price of worth and the team is well grounded with this particular fact and produces the one and only placement of new designs and prints. The collection includes punchy on liners, printed portraits, camouflages, believing motives, colorful Floral and the list end up somewhere in the sky. The most striking feature that one can grab is the efficiency of the cases and cover that are very intelligently made by them.


Samsung A7 2018 covers are made up of 100% polycarbonate material which very subtly provides the phone an ability to expose the heat which is an important routine action of any android phone. Plus, the cover provides complete coverage to the edges of the metal beauty and makes it even more magnetic after the dress up. All the ports are very easily acquirable because inaccuracy is something which is not in the style list of Sowing Happiness. This is not the termination but all the Mobile Cases and Covers for your phone are available in a price that you find nowhere that means #NOWHERE ELSE.

What next?

The next and the last action you could go for is to click on the website and purchase unlimited Samsung A7 2018 phone cases and covers for your new smartphone and get a chance to win a free case with every case or cover purchase using the code that flashes on the screen when you browse for Sowing Happiness. The designs are many and so are your choices.

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