Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Sowing Happiness Online Services Pvt Ltd does not disseminate or circulate your personal information and any personal details to any third party. This information is used for purpose of

  • Providing information regarding new offers and various services we provide.
  • Any changes made in our current policy or agreement.
  • To individualize your shopping experience.
  • To inform you with the amenities provided by us and make you familiar with our service.
  • To get your reviews about our facilities.
  • Make amendment or improve our current service.
  • To conduct survey and analysis for our page.
  • To send you commercial or advertisement as per your interest.
  • To keep you update with other assorted information.
  • To update your profile.



The security of your private information is a big concern for our company, so we have such technical upholds that can protect your information. Moreover our company uses typical security protocol that assures safe and secured transition. No sensitive or private information is disclosed from our part. Details regarding your credit card or debit are kept private; in any case of misuse of this information by any party, company will alert you with mail about same.

User Prudence

In some cases you are asked to provide mandatory information on our site, without that information you cannot apprehend further steps. But it is all up to user to provide that particular information or not and will not be able to avail that service.


The images, logo or the trademark of company posted on your website belongs to Sowing Happiness Online Services Pvt Ltd, hence cannot be used or placed in any other page without prior permission.


With permanent and fade proof print we provide lifetime warranty on it, however there is no warranty or replacement on any physical damage.


Pricing of products are displayed on site with other basic details about the product. Customers only have to pay the selected amount with shipment charges (if applicable) no extra charges should be paid by them at the time of receiving order.


Though company provides full security to your personal and private information, but we request you to be aware with your sensitive information. Our company doesn’t ask such information through calls or email, so don’t share such information with party or parties that claims to be associated with us and Sowing Happiness Online Services Pvt Ltd will not responsible for such incidents that took place due to your ignorance.

For any complain or question mail us at info@sowinghappiness