About Sowing Happiness PayPal Cashback Offer

Offer is valid only for the first transaction at Sowing Happiness through PayPal and can be availed only once per PayPal user.

Pay with PayPal for the purchases you make at Sowing Happiness and get 50% cashback up to Rs. 200 on your first eligible purchases.

Offer is valid for transactions through PayPal India account from 05-07-2019 to 04-11-2019.


1) You first need to create your PayPal account

2) Shop on Sowing Happiness and choose PayPal payment at the checkout

4) Add your desired product in the shopping cart and select PayPal as the payment option

5) Sign-in into your PayPal account, add your card and pay with your saved card


Cashback can be used as a discount at any Indian merchant accepting PayPal within 60 days from the received date.

However, the cashback is not eligible for redemption on (1) send/receive money transactions (including those marked as a “Goods and Services” payments), (2) charitable donations, (3) purchases made using PayPal.me and Invoicing

Offer can be availed only once per user

The cashback offer is available on the First-Come-First-Serve basis to limited eligible customers

In case of cancellations/ refunds in redemption cases, 100% cashback will be refunded if the offer period is still valid. For partial cancellations, a refund will be processed as per PayPal and Sowing Happiness policies

You cannot withdraw the eligible cashback amount into your bank account or make a cash withdrawal. The amount cannot be credited into any pre-paid instrument issued under applicable RBI laws

PayPal back-end platform holds all the logic to redeem PayPal offers.

Currency conversion is not supported between PayPal and Sowing Happiness.

The offer cannot be transferred or combined with any other Sowing Happiness or PayPal (a) offer; (b) promotion code; (c) coupon; or (d) discount or any offers from your card issuing bank.

Sowing Happiness and PayPal can use reasonable technological and other methods to prevent abuse of the Offer terms.

Sowing Happiness and PayPal can take certain actions, including limiting access to your offer, placing holds or imposing reserves, based on confidential criteria for our management of risk, the security of users accounts, and to comply with applicable laws and protect the PayPal system.

Please note that both PayPal and Sowing Happiness are not obliged to disclose their security or risk management procedures.

All disputes shall be subject to the Dispute Resolution clause of the User Agreement between PayPal, Sowing Happiness and the customer.

If any dispute has arisen, it is to be brought to the notice of PAYPAL as well as Sowing Happiness first.

Any dispute arisen will fall in the jurisdiction of Delhi court



  • When will I receive the cashback?

Your cashback will be instantly available into your PayPal account. However, if due to some technical failures you have not yet received it-

Find the cashback under the ‘Offers tab on the PayPal App, or

Find it under the ‘Payment Methods section on the website

  • Can I transfer the offer to another user?


  • Can the offer be used by users with PayPal accounts from other countries?


  • What happens if the purchase value is less than the PayPal cashback in the account?

You can use the remaining cashback for your future eligible payments.