Maha Shivratri – Key Steps to Come Closer to Shiva

Maha Shivratri – Key Steps to Come Closer to Shiva

Maha Shivratri is the biggest occasion for all the Shiva lovers in the country and outside it. On this auspicious day, people celebrate the wedding of Lord Mahadev. This day is the darkest in the whole year and many people believe that the day is about overcoming one’s darkness and purify themselves.

People celebrate this day by chanting the name of Shiva and keeping a fast for the whole day. All the above things are quite regular and people do it every year but you know what can make you more special? You should do the chants more on the day as it will bring you close to Lord Shiva.

For different people Maha Shivratri hold different significance, some people believe Shivratri is about celebrating the pure relationship of marriage, for some it is the day to be happy for Shiva that he got a beautiful wife (Parvati) who has all the good qualities of this world.

Conveying a good message is always a perfect cause for society especially if it is related to religion. You can take this day as an inspiration to be positive from the soul. You can spread a lot of messages relating to why this day is celebrated and if you want to be thrown into the pool of knowledge then you can consider

What to wear and do on this powerful day?

Our love for our religion can be clearly seen in the pride we take while performing it, you can flaunt a full outfit where you can wear a t-shirt (with Shiva’s face) dhoti, jutti, etc. There are various designs of Mahadev t-shirt available at Sowing Happiness and you can buy one as per your choice. Fasting is the most important thing that you can do for Mahadev on this auspicious day, fasting takes a lot of dedication.

According to people, the fast kept on this day has the most payback through blessings of Shiva as he is the ultimate creator of the world. Households do have basic food items but they have to get special food for fasting, many may not have time to buy it from the market. You can buy fasting food from Bigbasket, grofers, etc.

Maha Shivratri- A day of love?

It is not a surprise that Shivratri comes a few days after Valentine’s Day. We say that things that are of the same nature don’t take time to get attract. Since Maha Shivratri is the celebration of Shiv-Parvati marriage it is an inspiration for people to uphold their marriages just like them and what is a marriage if there is no love.

Many of the married people shy away from celebrating Valentine’s Day so they can give gifts to each other on this religious day too. All our teachers are happy when we succeed in our lives so Shiva will be happy too to see their followers being happy in their lives relationship-wise and individually.

Celebrate Maha Shivratri in a different way!

Sometimes people go extreme in worshipping God what they don’t know is he has created this world. You should make Shiva happy but not to a limit that you will waste the resources. Celebrate this Maha Shivratri by worshipping God and not wasting milk, you can rather give fruits and milk to poor. This is also a way to purify oneself by being compassionate. Shiva is compassionate too that’s why he has put lives in all the beings irrespective of their form. You can donate too to fight a devil inside you i.e. unkindness on this religious day.

Conclusion: By fighting your devils this Maha Shivratri you can come a little closer to being a good human being and by doing so you can make Mahakal happy. This day marks a new beginning in changing oneself and leave all the wrongdoings behind in the form of doing good to God and yourself.

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