Vivo V3 – Top 10 Mobile Back Covers & Phone Cases

cover for your Vivo V3

Mobile covers have become an integral accessory for our phones. Nowadays we cant imagine carrying smartphones without one. It’s almost like the phone would feel naked and exposed. The market has come out with many types of back covers for all phones. Protecting the phone is one priority and purpose which we look into for buying a mobile cover. But now we have designer phone cases that bring out even some of our personality traits depending on the choice of design we went for.

Vivo V3 is one of the most purchased phones in India. Therefore, there are several options to go for when choosing a back cover for it. At Sowing Happiness we provide you with various theme-based designs out of which everyone finds at least one which suits their taste. To help narrow down the search run, this article lists some of the top-selling designer cover for your Vivo V3

Be Cool Guy

All are fond of cool guys who are chill and don’t make a fuss about things. This is a mobile cover for your Vivo V3 design with a cool blue backdrop on which is a cartoon depiction of a mini dinosaur wearing a pair of sunglasses and chilling. A cool phone case for a cool guy.

Remember Moments

Often we reminisce about many moments which have struck a chord with us and we get lost in thoughts. There are times when we forget when it the moment took place but the details of it are crystal clear in our minds. Does it happen to you? Then this phone case speaks for you in its own way.

LET DREAMS FLY - Vivo V3 Back Cover

Let Dreams Fly

Is dreaming the only thing we can do? What about accomplishing it and actually working up to its fulfillment? It’s this one motivation that sometimes gets us through tough times. Carry it everywhere by having it as a mobile phone cover and remind your dreams to fly.

my life my dreams - Vivo V3 Back Cover

My Life My Dream

Spending time alone with yourself is an important task which many don’t implement in their daily lives. It’s a time of reflecting and looking within ourselves to ponder about life. This phone cover for Vivo V3 design or pictorial shows a girl just by herself look into the wilderness of the snow falling. This serene and ethereal scene just beautifies the complete look of the phone.

EFFECTS IN APPLE - Vivo V3 Back Cover

Effects in Apple

Don’t want an iPhone but still like the logo? Sowing Happiness has got your back. The Apple logo has become a style statement. It’s a pretty cool logo to have on your android Vivo V3 and a great way to fool your friends into believing that you have an iPhone.

Vespa Dignified 

This cover for your Vivo V3 is a complete photo printed phone case. The captured moment is of a hot red Vespa which stands by in front of a similar colored photobooth. The vivid colors just pop out with the background being almost grey. You get a soothing effect when you look at these combinations of colors.

MY DREAMY LIFE - Vivo V3 Back Cover

My Dreamy Life

An innocent render of a captured image of a little girl dancing with no worries is what this design is about. Innocence is lost after we grow up and many just never want to grow up and enter the corporate world. It’s a blissful dream all of us have seen and desired to stay away from the cruel environment and just be set free. Does this relate to you too? Maybe when out of your busy schedule of the day your sight falls on this beautiful cover, you will get reminded of the hidden innocence.

I Dream To Fly 

All of us at some point have wished if we could fly amid a cold breeze. This is a very pretty mobile cover which shows a little girl in the beautiful scenery of autumn leaves falling. Its an attractive Vivo V3 cover with colors of autumn popping out which certainly asks for a second look in a row.

PLAY ME MUSIC - Vivo V3 Back Cover

Play Me Music 

You don’t need to be a musician to have this awestruck Vivo v3 mobile cover. This is another captured photo printed design back cover. Here the guitar is the rockstar of the scene. The way the brighter colors pop when compared to the non-focused and blurry background gives the right amount of emphasis to the protagonist of the photo. This is a classy Vivo v3 mobile cover to carry around.


Glowing Lantern 

A lantern always becomes the source of light in times of desperate measures. The idea of a lantern also signifies peace and warmth in the darkest times. This design consists of a grayscale backdrop of what looks like the outside of a barn’s parapet with a lantern kept on it. But the light emitting from the lantern has its original color which in return is highlighted with the contrast background. An elegant looking mobile phone case for all the elegant people out there.

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