How to Make Your Work From Home More Effective?

How to Make Your Work From Home More Effective - Sowing Happiness

Getting stuck with your life? Don’t worry. Sowing Happiness is all here to your aid bringing in the much-needed clarity in your life. Sowing Happiness sheds away all of your “topsy turbo rides” in life.

But the good news is that we have moved passed the phase of initial impact and life’s gaining its momentum with its full vigour and pace. The new culture has begun. Work from home has picked up the new trend and the new normal in our lives.

Therefore, Sowing Happiness brings to you with some of the most effective ways that you can always cultivate for brighter days ahead of you.

Set up your intention for the day

With the shaky times, it has been hard to keep up with the mental stigma. We at Sowing Happiness wants you to set up your clear goals and agenda in your life.

Prioritise each action with clear intentions. Set up your goals for the day and take actions accordingly.

Focus on the Not-To-Do Lists

Sowing Happiness wants you to list out the things that are not required to be done. We always seek after the tasks to be completed or achieved in our lives but little do we focus on the things that are not essential.

Therefore make a note of the things that don’t stand its place in your life and take the necessary steps.

Reward yourself with each win

Get the dopamine flow with each wins in your life. Sowing Happiness strongly believes that smaller goals are the pathway to success.

Give yourself a big pat at the back for every success that you achieve personally. Reward yourself with the treat you always deserve.

Ditch the never-ending media

Sowing Happiness wants you to ditch the never-ending cycle of the media. Take the necessary break from the consumption of media. Digital Wellbeing is the need of the hour.

Today it’s more tempting than ever to get stuck in the world of social media. Therefore, Sowing Happiness suggest you track your habits. Make the note of every move you make.

Health is wealth

As rightly said, “Health is Wealth”. Keep your health amongst the topmost priority in life. Also if your body doesn’t support you, nothing can be attained in life.

Choose to go for a walk or even stretch after a few regular intervals. Sometimes smaller steps make a huge difference in your life. Sowing Happiness wants you to stay fit and fab at every walk of life.


These are some of the tips that can help you in your path to life. Sowing Happiness truly believes in you and your dreams.

Because at the end of the day, Your dream Matters!

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