How to Enjoy Goa Carnival Vibes Fully – You Should Not Miss It!

Enjoy the Goa Carnival Vibes Fully - You Can't Miss

Going to Goa this February to attend the most special carnival? But have very little time to think about what to pack and what to do there? We have got you sorted.

Stuff your bags with skincare products such as sunscreen and lip balm. You would need a good quality sunscreen as you will be out for long hours while you will be the part of the carnival. Cover yourself fully into the sunscreen so that the tan will be less.

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You can also keep special body paints in your makeup box in order to get ready for the carnival and mold into the vibes of Goa and awaiting carnival!

Don’t forget your special clothes and accessories that can fight heat and make you look good. You can purchase colourful t-shirts to look the part of the carnival, printed t-shirts are good to go that have Goa quotes written on them. Don’t add black t-shirts as you can burn yourself in that much of heat.

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You can add a punch of colours through accessories too, add vibrant colours such as yellow, orange and red.

You may not be aware of all the locations there so keep your medicines, allergy pills. Since Goa is a tourist place and a lot of people travel there especially at the time of carnival you might feel nauseous. Make a different pouch for all the medicinal emergency pills.

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The carnival takes place all over Goa so you can do both going to tourist places and also be the viewer of this fabulous carnival.

Goa is embedded by Christian majority- you can go to churches like Se Cathedral, Basilica of Bom Jesus. You can take the fullest advantage of places being located next to each other.

Visit goa Churches - Enjoy Goa Carnivals Vibes - 5

Goa is a place where the majority of the places are touristy, the special attraction of the state is beaches. If you won’t go to beaches you have not seen Goa. You can go to Agonda and Mandren beach if you want to be in a peaceful place while Goa carnival will take place.

Going to attend Goa Carnival is not eating the delicacies? No, not happening. You should definitely try seafood if you are a proper non- vegetarian. Believe us, you will even eat your fingers. You can try pomfret curry (eat it with rice) and prawns masala curry to give your tongue a burst of flavours.

Pomfret Curry - Enjoy Goa Carnivals Vibes - 6

You can bring a lot of memories with you by buying things only available in Goa. You can buy quirky colourful hats from Goa Carnival. Do purchase cashews as they are very cheap in Goa, get your hands on stickers, magnets, and tiles that have the pictures and scenery of Goa crafted on them.

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Most important of all – if you have booked your tickets and your friends have backed out from going, you can go there alone too. The vibes of the festival are filled with a lot of warmth. Maybe you will travel again next time and you don’t have to depend on anyone.

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