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Apple iPhone XR Mobile Cover

Apple has again advocated it as the most promising of all the brands and has finally launched the much-awaited iPhone XR for the lovers and dwellers of Apple and iPhones. Apple is not only a brand that deals with quality but also a brand indeed that showcases utmost consistency in producing new products without any fail. The brand has newly launched the charismatic and appraising model as iPhone XR whose mind-boggling appearance which gives you a scratch resistivity and gizmo -tic features will banish your senses to infinity. Apple has unveiled the most affordable and at the same time the most fashionable deal of the year by introducing iPhone XR.

The new iPhone that is XR unlike all the other iPhone models shares a different and attractive corner in the making of it. The iPhone XR is cultivating high resemblance with the designs and figure of the iPhone X indeed but shares potently new and fresh features in terms of quality of the camera and dual sim accommodations.

iPhone XR Specification

Coming, precisely to the features of the new phone, there is something or other that will poke the mind which ultimately indulges you to buy the piece of excellence hallmarked by Apple. Unlike the other two new models iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, the model has an edge to edge 6.1 inch LCD panel. Similar to iPhone XS and XS Max, the iPhone XR also runs on iOS 12 and has a resolution of 828×1792 pixels. The phone has been launched in 64 Gb, 128 Gb, and 256 Gb storage variants indeed. The model is available in black blue coral white yellow and red. To be more accurate and elaborate to the core hardware runners in the customer crowd, the iPhone is running on a hexacore processor made by Apple A12 Bionic. The most significant feature of XR is the existence of GSM arena that gives the opportunity of dual sim facility and made XR the only model stands for the same feature.

After such a precise understanding of the model comes with the heart arousing features of the newly introduced model that every person looks before purchasing a smartphone that is the camera quality. Apple in terms of the camera quality has marked its potency in the entire smartphone field indeed and has shown its major goals. The 12 megapixels former camera and 7 megapixels front camera provides an edgy finish to all your photographs and make your memories even more approaching.

In the era of skyrocketing prices of smartphones in the market, the price of iPhone XR is a real relief in the lives of all the iPhone users. The prices are completely pocket-friendly and affordable that will be a complete suite for the customers. Also, the battery life and accessibility prove the new model a step superior as compared to the other released models of Apple.

Get a lineup of best iPhone XR Back Covers 

When we have been eagerly waiting for the new phone from apple and so has been the tendency to buy phone cover for this model. Apple fans have been pre-booking Apple iPhone XR Back cover online and have been ready to make their beloved phone fashionable and protected.  When you shell a hefty amount to buy your dream phone a mobile cover is a must to keep its safe from all miss happenings.

So what is keeping you a far from a deal that is reasonable and magnetic at the same time? You get Buy 1 Get one all Apple iPhone XR mobile covers or flat 10% discount on the cart value.

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