Check Out these Top Floral Theme Mobile Back Covers for your Oneplus 7 Pro

Floral theme mobile back covers

Smartphones have become a very important part of our lives. We often find ourselves in the middle of accessorising it. Especially when we talk about the Oneplus 7 Pro, the most needed accessory would be a protective and attractive mobile phone cover. Now the main purpose of a phone case is to protect the phone from any damage, but some people go for specific cases for the aesthetic purpose. Buying the latest phone would not make you an exclusive owner as it would have many buyers. To make your phone stand out there are designer Oneplus 7 Pro back covers to check out here at Sowing Happiness.

Sowing Happiness indulges in producing polycarbonate covers as they considered the best material for back covers. The design is a subjective matter, as a result there are all kinds of designs and themes which are thought of and made available. Check out the top 10 stylish mobile covers online shopping in India to narrow down your research. For instance one theme which runs smoothly among many customers is the Floral theme mobile back covers. Flowers have a purpose in life, which is to beautify everything around them, therefore we took this as an opportunity to come up with graphical designs consisting of various forms and patterns of flowers. Here is a list of some of the most preferred designs.

my umbrella back cover 

My Umbrella 

A very innocent artwork comprising of a little girl holding an exaggerated sized flower as an umbrella to take cover from the rain. Everything except for the flower is animated in pastel colors. This look of the phone case gives out a pure feeling of peace. This is one adorable phone case for the girls to have.


Enchanting Flower

A simple yet serene-looking phone case with a scene of a daisy flower fully bloomed with a blurred background. A beautiful printed back cover to own to increase the beauty quotient of your phone’s look. Don’t let your phone have a dull look by choosing non-designer covers.

wild grey back cover 

Wild Grey Black 

Selective color techniques are used on pictures to highlight that one color which is the start of the image. In other words, the complete image remains in greyscale but there is one color that pops out, like here the color of the flower is the main focus of this whole image. These kinds of Floral theme mobile back covers look real classy.

petal pattern back cover 

Petal Pattern

This designer mobile cover has an edited version of the real image where it has been given a sketch look alike effect. The pastel colors used in this gives out that vintage look to your phone.

classy floral back cover

Classy Floral 

An elegant work of art consisting of a motif of flowers to make your phone look pretty. The color theme used is hues of green for the stems and leaves and the main attraction, the flower is of a beautiful shade of orange and peach. A good looking phone cover option to beautify the phone’s look.

droplets effect back cover 

Droplets Effect 

The different hues and shades of red is the color theme here. This floral theme mobile back cover doesn’t actually have any kind of flowers yet it falls under this category. The beautiful droplets and the combination of light emitting through it is what makes it seem like scattered flowers. Almost gives an aura of a rainy night with all the sky-high building’s light being reflected on the droplets.

dragonfly floral back cover 

DragonFly Floral

Flowers graphically designed to make the phone look pretty and alluring is the designer phone case for girls. An attractive looking phone case cover to carry around with pride and joy is one of the must-haves for girls.


Colorful Floral

This phone case design reminds you of the festival colors. Setting you in a festive mood , this cover is a very lively and colorful addition to your phone. It is a good option to go with if thinking of matching it with your outfit options.

Black and Red Floral 

A fine contrast of the right colors can do magic to a designer Oneplus 7 pro back cover. This image where on the rusted black rocks lie a stretch of radiant red-colored flowers looks elegant with the color contrast. This is a unique capture of this beautiful scene and would make your Oneplus 7 Pro look really elegant.

peony floral back cover

Peony Floral 

The peony or paeony is a flowering plant which signifies richness and honor. It is auspicious to have it along with you. Use it as an elegant Oneplus 7 Pro phone case to carry everywhere with you for a good feel. Graphical and artistic looking Peony flowers set in front of a pastel ivory blue backdrop gives out an ethereal look and aura.

Apart from the pretty floral themes, there are other designer Oneplus 7 Pro back covers online here at Sowing Happiness for you to browse into.

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